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My daughter is 13 months and isn’t allowed to watch really any TV except for Baby Signing Time. I purchased this set for my daughter for Christmas after visiting with a friend whose almost two year old could communicate SO well with signs. I couldn’t believe all the things he could say through signs that other children that age just couldn’t say with words. I own and operate an in-home child care, so I am now teaching the signs to the children in my care of all ages. It can never hurt a child to have multiple ways of expressing their thoughts!

My daughter was slow to pick up the signs from about 10-12 months, but ever since then, she has been learning about 2 new signs a week, and I’m sure she can understand a lot more of them than what she will actually sign back. She amazes people with her abilities and it has definitely not impeded upon her ability to speak. She amazes people with her manners as she loves to say “please,” “thank you,” “you’re welcome,” as well as many other words. I believe Baby Signing Time has just helped her communicate through signs and taught her new words we may not have taught her yet (ball, boat, train, etc.) had we not watched the videos with her.

I love that the set comes with CDs as well so we could just listen to the songs once we are very familiar with the signs and continue our learning that way. All babies should learn sign language! It’s so invaluable!

-Sarah @ Work Life Glue

My daughter has a hearing impairment. Although it may be temporary we wanted to make sure she developed her communication skills so we purchased these videos. She loves watching them and we have been very impressed with how quickly she learned. She can communicate when she’s hungry, sleepy, and can sign the animals. We have moved on to the second video in the set and she’s picking up those signs quickly as well. We feel if her impairment doesn’t improve she has at least developed these communication skills. It’s so sweet watching her sign and more importantly to not have to guess what she needs or wants. Definitely recommend.

-Amazon Customer

Best purchase ever. If I could do it differently I would just buy the online subscription. Otherwise, Buy this & use it. Put the videos on during feeding times. Make sure you watch too or you won’t know what your kid is trying to tell you. Ours was signing basic stuff like milk, more & sleep from 3 months old. it is great being able to communicate even if it’s non-verbal & takes a lot of guesswork and frustration away. Our kid is now 1yr old & is pretty much potty trained during the day. Get that video too.


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Region: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only. Read more about DVD formats.)
Studio: Two Little Hands Productions.

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