Home Improvement: Complete Series Seasons 1-8

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“This documentary takes a personal look into the lives of the Taylor family. Exploring the postfeminism dynamic between man, wife; child, parent; neighbor to neighbor. The power struggle between sexes, as both sides react to the changing landscape in gender roles. Addressing the troubles of adapting to such shifts in the classic household paradigm and how such changes were passed along to younger generations within the Taylor clan. This fascinating series shows us the growth of a family and other interpersonal relationships through these changes. How they grow. How they communicate. And how ultimately, better one another. The only way this series could be improved is with the help of legendary documentary narrator, Sir David Attenborough.”

A classic family sitcom that kept hammering out the laughs for 8 seasons! This bundle is of the complete series and a must for any fan of the series. There are a few extras (bloopers, behind the scenes and the “reunion” episode) on each season but nothing new from the already released collections. Catch this on sale and it is definitely worth it!

– PhillipM

All one can say is that (IMHO) “Home Improvement” was a comedy classic — but one with an intelligent story line behind it. The whole premise of the show is that an ex-hardware salesman gets his own handy-man show (ala Bob Vila), calls the show “Tool Time” and goes on to become the most inept and accident prone “unhandy man” anyone could ever imagine on cable television.

On “Tool Time”, Tim Allen’s character doles out advice about projects from installing a shelf or a wall outlet to creating an entire “man’s” bathroom complete with built-in television and beer cooler. Tim is usually saved from some near disaster of his own making by his basically insecure but really proficient assistant Al Borland, an old fashioned midwest kind of guy who just happens to only wear flannel shirts.

The other part of the program mainly takes place at Tim’s home in suburban Detroit with his wife Jill, their three extremely active sons, and their neighbor Wilson who provides advice coupled with philosophy to the Taylors over the wood fence dividing their back yards. Tim builds hot rod cars in HIS garage and tries to add “more power” to the home appliances while his loving wife tries to cope and keep it all under control while raising their three sons. What shines through most of all is the genuine affection between Tim and Jill set against all little and big situations that occur in any average family.

The show ran for eight years, so you watch the boys grow up to young adulthood; Jill stars out as a free-lance magazine writer then goes back to college to earn a degree as a professional counsellor; and finally Tim’s little show is swallowed up by “corporate bureaucratics” who buy out the tool manufacturing company that sponsored “Tool Time”, and take the program out of Tim’s hands.

“Tool Time” still airs on some cable television networks but having the entire series on DVD was worth the price. Oh, and the Anniversary Collection comes in that red simulated metal “tool box” with a handle on top and a “binford tape measure” inside. It’s fun and probably a neat gift, but now where do I put the box? If you don’t want the box, you’ll find the DVDs in other packaging.

Added Note: There is a terrific and much more detailed description of “Home Improvement” in Wikipedia. It can be seen by searching on Tool Time in Google. Home Improvement: The 20th Anniversary Complete Collection

-Montesano Lady

I’m not reviewing the series I’m reviewing the actual product the series was great. I took off a star because the “tool box is a little damaged. The box it was shipped in was fine same with the protective box. So the damage was probably done when it was all put together. The tool was not in it either. Neither of these are big issues to me I got this for the complete

– Dimmelus

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