The 100 Season 5

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staying true to its concepts. Here again.

A lot of new elements (Clarke’s daughter, the inmates…etc), still new strong dilemmas.

The season isn’t without flaws, though. It was really hard for me to feel empathy for Clarke this season, as it was impossible for me to follow her choices. Fortunately, some other characters stayed strongly likable (Bellamy!).

At the end, I still loved this new season. But I’m a bit worried for the future: expect a very strong twist at the end of season 5. A strong one, which proves the capacity of the show runners to take risks and to renew themselves, but, yep, they definitely took some risks for next season. I’ll definitely watch it, but it will be a tricky one. We’ll see. In the meantime, watch season 5 without fear. It is good!

– G Muse

First 4 seasons were cool, but this Season 5 is trash. The actors/characters all look horrible–old, ugly, overweight, “hidden” under 10 layers of bad makeup. The story is boring and ridiculous with zero logic. The new characters (prisoners/miners from outer space) are completely uninteresting in any way, besides being annoying, grating and irritating. It was actually a torturous experience trying to watch this utter garbage. RIP The 100.

– TruAim

The series has held my attention for the first episode, and this season kept me well interested. You think you know what is going to happen but the cork-screw of events keep you guessing. I am not giving out spoilers there are others that can do that, but I will say you won’t be disappointed in the series. Also the theme music is great; if you have seen the series Prison Break, then the music here is a re-done version of it and sounds good.

– Brian P (English)

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Actors: Eliza Taylor, Paige Turco, Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos, Devon Bostick
Producers: Jason Rothenberg, Dean White, Leslie Morgenstein
Format: NTSC
Region: Region 1
Number of discs: 3
Rated: NR – Not Rated
Studio: WarnerBrothers
DVD Release Date: October 9, 2018


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