The Owl House season 1-3

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As mentioned, The Chosen’s creators hope for a seven-season run,  which might strike some as a challenge: Movies that follow a given Gospel word-for-word run long, but there’s not enough in the text to stretch the story out for a Game of Thrones-like run.

So the show’s producers have shifted away from strict fidelity to the text and into a more imaginative, extrapolated, extra-biblical narrative. It’s fiction, in other words¬—fiction that was inspired by and embraces Scripture, but fiction that nonetheless feels free to remove and (mostly) add elements as the story—not theology—demands. The first episode of Season Two, for instance, plucks a handful of parables, but uses them simply to structure a mostly fictional imagining of what Jesus’ stay in Sychar, Samaria, might’ve looked like—from a surprise feast with a crippled sinner to a visit to the town’s synagogue.

The show’s makers clearly wanted this story to be a cut above your typical Christian passion play. They seem to be gunning for The Chosen almost to be a biblical Breaking Bad.

I mean that in the best of ways, incidentally. For viewers who approach Christian entertainment with a jaundiced eye, The Chosen gives us something different: a gritty, grimy, problematic Palestine filled with the unwashed and impure, giving the production a flavor of authenticity.


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Genres: Kids family, Fantasy, Comedy, Animation
Network: Disney XD
Premiere Date: Jan 10, 2020
Executive producer: Dana Terrace

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