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The box it came in was filled with old mail order shirt bags with the item numbers still on them as packing material that some one bought, the case that holds the cd’s was all worn and broken, when I opened the case up the cd on top it’s case was all scratched up, so I’m thinking this was not new like I was told. Although I checked each cd out it appears there are no scratches on any of them and I’ve only listened to a few they seem to play alright. So I’m okay with it but not confident that this was a new purchase like I asked for.-Cheryl Morris

Buy this. I wasn’t even born when some of these songs came out, but they are timelessly beautiful. There’s nothing like this on the airwaves anymore. Our culture has lost the appreciation for romance. True love is made of more than the physical or the anything-but-marriage approach en vogue. Maybe we’ll start investing in longterm relationships that make us both vulnerable and fulfilled if we can get this kind of music back into the ether.-Happy Wife

The shipping was so fast — arrived 3 days before the 15day delivery quote given! Packagin was simple, & a slight rip on the collector’s box, but no biggie. All the discs work perfectly with no scratches/skips. Very happy with this purchase!-KELLIE E.

DVD Wholesale Main Features :   

Audio CD
Number of Discs: 9
Format: Collector’s Edition, Box set, CD
Label: Time Life

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