Criminal Minds: Season 14 – UK Region

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And now, to push off the happy ending you’ve been waiting for, we’ve got a case.Krystall gave Rossi a break from the wedding preparations to chase a spree killer in Los Angeles on Criminal Minds Season 14 Episode 15.So we all got to wait for 40 minutes for the main event.Oh well, I suppose this is the season finale for a show called Criminal Minds, so the powers that be kind of had to show a criminal mind, no matter how weak an unsub they pursued.Yup, a basic revenge killer. At first, the initial shooter was crashing into cars then shooting their drivers. Not the safest way of completing the task, I’d think.

I understand that obsession is part of the toolkit of any profiler, who has to be able to get inside the head of the unsub. The key is not to let the unsub get inside of their heads.That’s what seemed to have happened with Rossi. Prentiss bluntly pointed out to him to trust the process. Everett isn’t the first unsub to get away, he won’t be the last, and most end up captured.

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Format: PAL
Language: English
Subtitles: Danish, Finnish, German, Norwegian, Swedish
Dubbed: German, French
Region: All Regions
Aspect Ratio: Unknown
Number of discs: 4
Classification: To be announced
Studio: Walt Disney
DVD Release Date: 21 Oct. 2019
Run Time: 163 minutes
ASIN: B07X6H995R

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