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The episodes of “Jack Ryan” Season 3 have been directed by Jann Turner, Kevin Dowling, and David Petrarca, with the writing handled by Carlton Cuse, Aditi Brenna Kapil, Amy Berg, Dario Scardapane, Vaun Wilmott, Marc Halse, and Jennifer Kennedy. The story follows Ryan as he stumbles upon a secret plan to restore the Soviet Empire after its downfall in the late ’80s and early ’90s called the Sokol Project. Assuming that it’s a physical piece of information, Ryan assembles a team to extract it and finds himself rescuing a Russian insider seeking asylum because he knows way too much about the aforementioned mission. Like any classic Jack Ryan story, the insider gets killed, and Ryan goes on the run with the Russian forces and even the CIA on his tail. To make things worse, global politics also take an ugly turn when Czech President Alena Kovac (Nina Hoss) attends a diplomatic meeting with Russian Defense Minister Dmitry Popov (Michael Gor), and the latter gets assassinated right in front of her.

The biggest issue with “Jack Ryan” Season 3’s writing is that it turns Jack Ryan into an action figure. Yes, he bleeds a little and gets scratched here and there. But that’s about it. The reason this feels so jarring is that his injury is an integral part of his character. Heck, it’s so integral that it shows up in the opening credits as the x-ray of his spinal cord. How can you simply write it out of his character design? Yes, most modern action-heavy characters like Ethan Hunt or John Wick suffer deadly injuries and get back up. However, even their recovery time has started to increase to match the character’s and the actor’s ages. Not doing the same with Ryan somehow makes him feel less human and, hence, unrelatable. The show’s writing issues extend to its political themes and dialogue writing. Everything around the Sokol Project isn’t substantial enough to invoke tension over the course of 8 episodes. So, after a point, the twists and turns begin to feel unnecessary. And when said twists are revealed via very stiff expository dialogue, the viewing experience becomes a slog.


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