Golden Age of Country

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I will not provide a track listing; another reviewer did an excellent job of that already. But this is what I have to say: I grew up listening to classic country in the late ’50, the ’60s, and early ’70s before I ran away and “turned into a ____ed hippy.” THIS is what I grew up listening to. One summer in the early ’70s I spent with my grandma in Laguna Beach. She let me pick out a Craig radio/cassette recorder. I recorded an entire summer of country hits out of Los Angeles on that, direct from radio to cassette. Quite the novelty at the time! But these CDs are that music. Oh I love this stuff! Not re-mastered, Not remixed. No… it is “as it was.” Pure, simple country western music. Later I moved to Montana for a while, and listened to this in the small-town bars that dotted western Montana. Played “4-5-6” for quarters for the juke-box and learned to drink beer. (ew) But to this soundtrack-Meryl Logue

The music is five stars. The quality of this set is very questionable. I am on my second set. Computer cd drives won’t read the discs. I tried two different cd drives. Tried a MAC and a Windows compatible cd drive. Both cd drives had problems reading the discs on both sets. Again the music is five stars but if you plan to rip into iTunes you are gonna have problems.- Cycleboy189

I grew up listening to a lot of this music so it probably means more to me then maybe some others, i like the storys and the cryin fiddles and steel guitars. but this is a big set with lots of stuff that seems to bump and jostle its neighbors its poorly organized. music needs to flow in sets and I didn’t find that.i kept wishing it was all on a play list that I could organize more to my ear and taste. still for the money theres a lot of good music and a lot of cds.-geary wood

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Audio CD (September 18, 2009)
Number of Discs: 10
Format: CD
Label: Time Life


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