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I…don’t fully understand all the hatred this season gets. I’ve been watching since September ’05 (the pilot episode; I was a kid and my mom told me the show wouldn’t make it past sweeps) and I’m not ready to give up on it yet. Season 13 is the first season in a long time (8? 10?) that didn’t have any “clunkers” for me. (Every fan’s opinion will vary, but for me, “clunkers” are episodes like Route 666, Bitten/Paper Moon, and There’s No Place Like Home.) The filler is better-integrated into the plot than any other season, a few old friends make cameos (and a few, like Bobby, kick up their feet and stay awhile), and old enemies–Lucifer, the biggest bad, Amara perhaps excepted–waits in the wings, getting generally batted around like a rag doll all season long. Meanwhile, our boys (and I include Cas in that group; bite me) struggle with new challenges (parenting the antichrist comes to mind) and attempt to save their mother–and, as always, wind up saving so much more.

First, let’s clear the air: I had significant issues with how Mary, the Men of Letters, and the Rosemary’s Baby-esque antichrist plots were handled in season 12. (I threw, kicked and punched a great deal. Fortunately I have a karate dojo to go to.) To be specific, I hated that the antichrist brainwashed Castiel (what, again?), that Mary let herself be seduced so easily (she isn’t *really* like that, is she?), and that the Men of Letters refused to see sense. Lucifer, too, was strangely under-utilized after the mid-season mark, and I saw no reason why that should be the case. I will miss Crowley terribly, but I do feel his death (and the aftermath, which is explored in season 13) was handled well.

Season 13 makes Jack an entirely different sort of antichrist, shows Mary in a much better light, and restores Castiel to something like normal. Lucifer gets a very developed role that explores his motivations and desires from a viewpoint that is almost sympathetic, at times (and at worst, it’s still comprehensible why he is the way he is). The beats here come strongly from seasons 4 and 5; Jack starts off similarly to how Castiel did in season 4, curious about humanity and also a little frightened of it. Intense concepts like loss and suicide return in a big way. (Compare “Advanced Thanatology” and “The Big Empty” to something like “Death Takes a Holiday,” for instance. The episodes won’t suffer by comparison, and that’s saying something.)

There’s also a lighter touch to the comedies this season that I missed for the past three years or so; Scoobynatural is the obvious example, and Tombstone is another treat. Supernatural is a show that combines and crosses genres, and that element is alive and well in season 13.

Ultimately, the season ends with a sort of reverse Endverse (with Dean saying yes to possession instead of Sam), which fit, to me, with a season that is obsessed with conceptual “what ifs” and longstanding thematic elements. (It’s hard to ignore the relationship between Jack and Lucifer. In many ways, it’s like the relationship between Lucifer and God, and there are even some parallels to John Winchester in how Dean initially treats Jack.) Saving people, hunting things, and looking out for family–blood and chosen–is still the core of this show. It’s the universal constant that binds all thirteen seasons together.

I’m looking forward to season 14. I even hope it won’t be the last.

-C. Lunde

I bought this to complete my set since I really love the show as a whole but I really didn’t care for season 13. I only watch maybe two or three of the episodes the whole season. That’s really bad for me. *Spoiler alert* Haven’t really liked this show since they started bringing characters back; especially ones where they changed their whole story like Mary Winchester. Really no good villians at all. Mostly whiny, silly angels and colonel sanders demon. Hope 14 will get better but I’m not sure of that from the previews.


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Directors: Phil Sgriccia
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Studio: Warner Bros
DVD Release Date: 1 Oct. 2018
Run Time: 970 minutes
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